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Hello, my name is Nela Krzewniak.

I am an illustrator, concept artist and a translator born and raised in Poland. I moved to the Netherlands in 2011 and have been living there since.

I have been freelancing as an artist and illustrator for about 5 years now.

I have worked on projects such as:
-"The Chatswood Spooks" book series for children. The books can be found on Amazon.
-"Spatterbaum and Zitherbother" illustrations (the book is not yet published).
-The Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Project - my illustration can be found at 150alice.com
-Game assets for FunAndApps
-As well as other commissions and projects which I cannot enclose at this time.

Nowadays I mainly work digitally (Photoshop + graphic tablet) but I also like to use acrylic paint, occasionally I will work with watercolour, pencils, pastels and polymer clay.

In my spare time I like to draw and paint (to improve and work on my own projects such as the Star Wars fruit and vegetable spin offs - they can be found here), design banners, forum signatures, wallpapers and websites. I'm a sucker for science-fiction and fantasy, I love ancient Egyptian history, I like to travel and I am also an amateur photographer.

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